We had been planning to interview this artist for a while and when he accepted, proposing it himself as a Christmas gift for Italian fans, we of the staff were no longer in the skin! So here is our gift for you (from all the staff and from Oh Sae Bom)! Merry Christmas!

1. Introduce yourself to all your Italian fans (name, age & place of birth).

Hi,I’m Oh Sae Bom. I’m 27 years old, I’m 1,89 cm and I was born on 5th July.

2. Where did the idea of being an idol/being a part of a group come from?

If you had the chance to collaborate with a solo artist or a group, who would it be?

If I had the possibility I would collaborate with G-Dragon. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m thinking of doing my best to get to this goal!

3. Who’s your biggest inspiration or model you follow?
As I said before, it’s G-Dragon!

4. Last song you’ve listened to?

I heard a song called “Beautiful Love” (the new Saebom Song*) and I wanna dedicate this song to all the people who supported me every day!

5. What is music for you?

Music is a connection that makes me happy and close to my fans!

6. Have you been writing songs lately?

I keep composing and planning in a varied way! I’m actively participating in all activities!

7. Are you happy right now? If so, what makes you this way?
I’m always happy anf thankful to all those who support me and sorry because I have not been able to do much.

8. Have you ever been to Italy before? What do you know about this country? And do you like most about it?

I have never been to Italy, but my favorite things about it are, of course, the strong football teams like Juventus, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Inter.

9. Do you have hobbies? Which ones?
My hobbies are traveling and composing!

10. Would you leave South Korea to live a different musical experience abroad?
Yes! I hope this interview will take me to Italy! Don’t hesitate to contact me!

11. What is biggest dream?

My greatest dream is to be a person who communicates with people around the world through music and shares positivity and happiness!

12- Do you have any fear? If so, about what?

If there is something that scares me? Yes. I would like the current situation of Covid-19 to end soon, but I’m so afraid it will be postponed!

13. Was there ever a moment when you thought about giving up and not making it?
Every moment! Cause I always have to do new things by myself, such as album activities and performances.

14. What makes you special?

Thanks to the many fans who support all around the world! And also to my friends who are like sisters and brothers!

15. Define yourself in three words.

Smart, good speaker and beautiful laugh

16. How your passion for music and dance was born?

When I saw my seniors perform for the first time in high school, I started dancing alone from high school!

17. How do you feel when you meet your fans?

Through the meeting with the fans I feel alive, able to breathe. Every time I feel a great gratitude that I always carry in my heart.

18. Do you prefer to be an idol or an actor?

I want to be an all-round entertainer! My favorite is production!

19. How did you feel when you knew you were about to debut?

The debut was all made by me, so it was very difficult, but when I started doing my first business, I felt rewarded for the hard work done so far!

20. What have you learned from the experience of produce x 101?

In the program, I learned a lot by attending 101 apprentices, but the most important thing was to learn that there is a lot of commitment and dedication! The most valuable experience I’ve had is meeting new people.

21. What do you expect from your comeback?
I hope that my come back gives some happiness, strength and good energy to the people who support me!

22. What do you want to convey to fans with your music?

I wish I could convey the energy in the process of realization and then be able to receive it back in a positive way! (He intends in the form of appreciation/ love by fans)

23. Coronavirus is a disease that hit the whole world and also Italy in a violent way. Has it changed your lives in any way? How?

Yes, there have been several changes. In these last four years of activity everything was always organized, because of the Covid activities were abruptly suspended. But thanks to this I got to pay more attention/focus on the people nearby and who supports me.

24. To all your fans that in this moment are concerned because of the virus, would you leave an encouragement message to help them in order to face this awful situation?

In this difficult situation (covid), I’lll try to spread energy, and I hope my fans can gain strength by looking at me! The day will come soon when we can meet, so don’t give up and do our best to meet in good health!

Finally here is the video of “Beautiful Love” the song that Sae Bom dedicates to all his Italian fans!



Name: Oh Sae Bom (오새봄)

Birthday: 5 July 1992

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey

Birth Plase: S. Korea

Debute: December 17th 2019 with “Tie

Last MV: December 222th 2020 with”Beautiful Love

YouTube: F our SEASONS

Instagram: @saebomoh

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