As we know the idol life is very lonely and unfortunately idols are “forced” not to have relationships due to the various activities and for the fans, who want to have the singer or actor only for themselves.

But this certainly does not stop our kidol from having a love life, despite the many commitments and different problems, here are 4 couples that went public:


This couple is loved by everyone, even fans.

The couple first met, about 13 years ago, in 2007 when they were still SM trainees.

Both were born in ’94 and this was one of the reasons why they became friends quickly.

The news of their relationship came out on April 1, 2016. Upon hearing this news, the fans remained skeptical, thinking it was a joke, being that day “April Fool” ; but with great surprise SM Ent confirmed their relationship. 

The name of this couple was Kaystal.

Unfortunately, however, the couple separated, shortly after, and SM declared the separation of the idols due to their different activities and therefore their distancing.


The second pair consists of two artists that belong to Cube. This relationship is the most turbulent but also the most romantic, because despite the many problems, they still managed to always be together. They are the first and for now the only couple to have risked their career for a relationship. Both were part of Triple H but began dating before E’Dawn’s debut (who will later debut and be part of Pentagon).

When news of their relationship began to circulate, CUBE Ent was quick to deny everything but the couple, tired of hiding and lying to fans, confirmed. This automatically led them to leave CUBE and suffer a lot of fan hatred. These two did not give up though and now, after signing with P Nation (PSY’s record label) they are still happily a couple, for two years, and continue to make music.


Third couple is that of Heechul and Momo.

Their relationship was confirmed by Heechul’s company in 2020. However, the previous year both labels had denied the existence of this pair.

Heechul, part of the cast of “Knowing Bros” had shown an interest in Momo, in fact he periodically sang the parts of Momo, in the songs of TWICE. This means that fans were expecting to hear confirmation of this relationship someday, and therefore it was expected that there would be cheering and support from fans for this couple but no. Many fans found themselves disappointed with this couple and “disgusted” that Heechul was 13 years older than Momo, which is unacceptable to some.

Despite this, we continue to support this couple and hope that both are happy, to this day they are still together.


The last couple to be revealed by Dispatch is that of Jennie and Gdragon.

On February 4, 2020, Dispatch published a news report about the existence of this relationship and how they had been dating for a year.

Obviously this news was accompanied by evidence, such as photos. On January 31, Jennie was seen leaving G-Dragon’s apartment to get ready for her concert, and later G-Dragon’s car was spotted at the concert venue.

For now, the YG Ent has issued a statement denying the relationship.

What do you think of these couples?

Do you know others?

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